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Shawndrica N. Simmons, Esq.

Litigator * Counselor * Certified Labor Executive * ADR Advocate

Attorney Simmons has worked in the legal field for well over 20 years.

She operates the boutique law firm, Simmons Legal.

She is licensed in the State of Michigan and practices in the following counties: Oakland*Wayne*Macomb*Washtenaw*Genesee



Shawndrica N. Simmons...


She is the LawChic and she handles:



Family Law

Ready to divorce him/her?

Don’t want to pay spousal support? 

Child support too high or not high enough? 

Other parent won’t allow you to see your child?

Real Estate Transactions

Do you need someone to review or draft your paperwork?

Alternative Dispute Resolution & Mediation

So you want to play nice and try to work out something ....

Civil & Municipal Litigation

Are the feds suing you?

Did the police brutalize you?

Are you a police officer under internal investigation?

Landlord & Tenant Law

Is your tenant no longer paying?

Did that land contract fall through?

Labor & Employment Law

Are they harassing you on the job?

Are they discriminating against you on the job?


Probate, Wills & Trust

Did your relative die and now people acting funny?

Do you want to control your family from the grave?

Did someone you love suffer an injury and now needs a guardian?

Child Abuse & Neglect Law

Are they trying to terminate your parental rights?

Are you being abused by your parents/guardians?

Entertainment & Sports Law

So you want to be a fashion designer in Hollywood.

So you didn't make it to the pros, but still playing overseas..

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Harvard Law School 

National AFL-CIO Leadership Institute 

Flora M. Walker Training Institute 

Thomas M. Cooley Law School 

The University of Michigan

the LawChic’s Significant Track Record

2007: Spearheaded and implemented a strategic plan to prevent the privatization of the largest family court in the State of Michigan.

2010: Recognized by labor for her 90% win rate in arbitrations involving wrongful discharges.

2012: Improved years of financial deficit with best accounting practices of the largest Central Labor Council (CLC) in the State of Michigan. Reduced the CLC’s deficit and balanced the budget within one year.

2013: Negotiated a significant settlement in the wrongful termination of a certified registered nurse anesthetist with the largest healthcare employer in Southeast Michigan.

2015: Initiated and prevailed on the merits in a lawsuit against Emergency Managers of Detroit Public Schools for failure to post expenditures.

2016: Prevailed in the wrongful termination of an intensive care Registered Nurse, resulting in reinstatement offer and monetary damages.

2016: Reviewed and made input on a lucrative contract for a client entering the EuroLeague.

2017: Prevailed in gaining possession of several properties via defaulted land contracts for an out-ofstate property investor.

2017: Prevailed in a contested divorce with allegations of abuse of several minor children.

2017: Initiated and settled a FOIA complaint against a major municipality in Southeast Michigan.

2018: Initiated and settled a home improvement lawsuit against A MAJOR HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE and subcontractors.

2018: Intervened in a major government corruption case, so that client was not charged or called as a witness.

If you shoplift, run from the cops, kill someone, beat someone, get caught with a kilo or a joint or get charged with a DUI……..DO NOT CALL the LawChic!

the LawChic does not handle criminal matters.


Tired of it all, give the LawChic a call.